Graham Winter: Your Labour Parliamentary candidate for Camborne, Redruth & Hayle

Graham Winter
Graham Winter

Graham Winter, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Camborne & Redruth in the 2017 general election

Graham was born in Barnsley and grew up in Hemel Hempstead, where his father was a shopkeeper. He moved to Bristol in his early 20s to take up a job in IT.  As a mature student, Graham’s passion for the environment led him to gain a first class honours degree in Environmental Science from  UWE in 1998 and since then has worked for the Environment Agency where he is currently Senior Advisor in Waste Management. He travels the country meeting key people in business and industry.

He moved from Bristol to Camborne in 2005 with his family. His children have both attend school in Camborne.

He has been a Town Councillor for Camborne Roskear since May 2015 and  is a member of Camborne’s Trevithick Day Committee (you may have seen him putting up signs or selling programmes on Trevithick Day).  He was formerly a Trustee of the Donald Thomas Centre in Camborne and a member of St. John’s School PTA, instigating their annual Christmas craft  fairs. He is a keen amateur actor and can often be seen trading the boards with St Agnes Theatre Players.


Video: Introducing Graham Winter


“…just an ordinary bloke who lives here with his family, struggles with his bills and understands
what’s going on in the community. I want to bring that community voice to Westminster.”


Video: Graham Winter on employment


“…employment in Cornwall needs to change. We need to invest in our people, we need to
invest in our region.”


Video: Graham Winter on education


 “Healthy children are better educated children”


Video: Graham Winter on student debt


” the end of the next parliament my own son will be just finishing university with £50,000 of student debt..”


Video: Graham Winter on housing


“For rented accommodation Labour will for the first time set down a minimum standard
that requires all rented housing to be of a habitable standard. How can that not already be a law?”


Video: Graham Winter in conversation



 Video: Graham Winter at Trevithick Day


Graham Winter, Labour’s candidate for Camborne, Redruth & Hayle at Camborne’s
Trevithick Day 2017, an event he helped organise. You may have seen him selling

Where can I meet Graham?

There have been several public hustings but if you missed them you can view the Redruth hustings in full here.

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