Five out of Six South West Pensioners will lose up to £300 a year under Tory plans to scrap Winter Fuel Payments

The Labour Party has attacked Conservative plans to introduce means testing to the Winter Fuel Payment policy. Latest figures suggest that ten million older people – five out of six pensioners – are set to lose their Winter Fuel Payments, worth up to £300, across the country. The Labour Party introduced the Winter Fuel Payments scheme in 1997, and by 2010 over 900,000 pensioners had been lifted out of poverty.

Debbie Abrahams, Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary said: “The Conservative Party is completely abandoning older people by scrapping the pensions ‘triple lock’, removing the Winter Fuel Allowance from 10 million pensioners, making 34 million people work longer and forcing those who need care to pay for pay for it with their family home.

“This is the direct result of seven years of Tory economic failure. Labour completely opposes this shocking attack on a whole generation.

“We will deliver a secure and dignified retirement for the many, not just the few wealthy enough to manage under these Tory attacks.”

The Tories have also announced they will be dropping their commitment to protect pensions through the ‘Triple Lock’. The Labour Party has confirmed that they will keep the Winter Fuel Payment for every pensioner, along with protecting pensioner income with the ‘Triple Lock’ on pensions.