New Councillors!

You may have seen in the news that a record number of Councillors have been elected uncontested in this round of elections. We are very pleased to have the following Councillors elected:-


Stephen Barnes, Redruth North, Redruth Town Council (re-elected)

Trevor Dalley, Camborne Roskear, Camborne Town Council (re-elected)

Laura Eyre, Redruth North, Redruth Town Council (re-elected)

Colin Garrick, Redruth North, Redruth Town Council

Rachel Marshall, Camborne Roskear, Camborne Town Council

W. Ross Marshall, Lanner Parish Council (re-elected)

Cathy Page, Redruth South, Redruth Town Council

Will Tremayne, Redruth North, Redruth Town Council (re-elected)

David Wilkins, Camborne Treswithian, Camborne Town Council

Graham Winter, Camborne Roskear, Camborne Town Council (re-elected)

They are looking forward to representing you in the coming period and working to make a success of the devolution of services from Cornwall Council.