Steve Richards

We were greatly saddened to learn of the death of Steve Richards, until very recently a member of Camborne, Redruth & Hayle Labour Party.

Steve came from Wales in 1994 to take up the post of Devon and Cornwall Organiser for the Labour Party. Always full of innovative new ideas, he brought a revolution in local campaigning: voter ID, phone canvassing and by election style full on organisation.

Falmouth and Camborne was the prize for Steve and South West Labour in 1997 and he steered the local party and Candy Atherton to victory, coming from third to first against the incumbent Seb Coe and a dishonest Lib Dem campaign.
Steve Richards
Steve was proud of the Labour government and his role in it. He loved by-elections and was a favourite with other organisers, travelling around the country with a big pack of muesli and a bunch of bananas to sustain him between long days, late nights and take aways.

After taking early retirement due to his diagnosis with fronto temporal dementia at the age of 57,  Steve continued to work for Labour: canvassing until he could no longer speak and leafleting until letterboxes became too difficult because of his illness.

As well as the Labour Party, Steve was a passionate Arsenal supporter, he loved Paul Weller and Queen, and his family. He always encouraged and supported others – no one more so than his wife Jude Robinson.

He is remembered as a softly spoken and witty, a family man; someone who was brilliant at organising campaigns and resolving differences for local parties and a “grown up who really played” by the children who knew him.

His wife, Councillor Jude Robinson, has asked donations to go to the Arsenal Foundation.