Jeremy Corbyn becomes first Labour leader in a generation to visit Cornwall

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn became the first Labour leader in over 20 years to visit Cornwall when he journeyed to Perranporth and Newquay last week. The Labour leader, who travelled to Cornwall by train, staged a walkabout on Perranporth beach where he talked to Cornwall Councillor Cornelius Olivier about second homes and low wages in the county before heading to Newquay to speak to an audience largely consisting of Labour Party members. The visit was part of Labour’s IN for Britain campaign and Jeremy’s talk focused on why Britain, and Cornwall, should remain in the EU. Environmental issues featured heavily on his agenda, saying we must act across national boundaries to protect biodiversity and tackle climate change and that we should transform our energy industry and create high tech jobs in green energy, especially pertinent here in Cornwall with our abundant potential for wind and wave energy. He also spoke about workers’ rights – the need to protect employment rights especially for women, part time workers and the disabled.


Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Newquay
Some of the IN crowd
A young Labour supporter poses with Jeremy

After his speech, which urged Labour supporters to step up the REMAIN campaign in Cornwall, Jeremy spent an hour chatting individually to members of the audience, posing for photos with them and signing autographs.

Jeremy’s talk was preceded on the stage by 93-year-old activist Harry Leslie Smith who talked about why his lifetime’s experience, including extreme childhood poverty and a world at war have led him to believe we should remain in the EU.

The amazing Harry Leslie Smith