Battle bus brings Alan Johnson to Camborne

The Labour IN battle bus brought Alan Johnson, former Home Secretary and Chair of the Labour IN campaign, to Camborne on Thursday. Alan was greeted in the town square by an enthusiastic crowd before giving a speech about how important the EU is to Cornwall, including new information that Cornwall’s residents will each be £100 a year worse off in terms of earnings if we leave the EU. That’s aside from the £470 million or Cornwall Growth Programme funding due to Cornwall by 2020.

Despite the best attempts of the Vote Leave campaign to disrupt the event, it attracted local and national media interest and gave a huge boost to the Remain campaign in Cornwall.

The battle bus visited Camborne as part of a nationwide tour. Earlier in the day it visited Marazion and Penzance where Alan – a former postman – gave his support to the campaign to save Penzance’s post office.