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Two Important Meetings at the Camborne Community Centre Wednesday August 30th

Come and join us to discuss what you think about an all women’s selection for the next general election, dates for future CLP meetings, events and campaigns.

The meetings will run consecutively from 6:30 – 9:30pm

All Labour members are very welcome.

Come and join us and bring some food to share and ideas, whilst meeting new and established members.

The future is in our hands!

Five out of Six South West Pensioners will lose up to £300 a year under Tory plans to scrap Winter Fuel Payments

The Labour Party has attacked Conservative plans to introduce means testing to the Winter Fuel Payment policy. Latest figures suggest that ten million older people – five out of six pensioners – are set to lose their Winter Fuel Payments, worth up to £300, across the country. The Labour Party introduced the Winter Fuel Payments scheme in 1997, and by 2010 over 900,000 pensioners had been lifted out of poverty.

Debbie Abrahams, Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary said: “The Conservative Party is completely abandoning older people by scrapping the pensions ‘triple lock’, removing the Winter Fuel Allowance from 10 million pensioners, making 34 million people work longer and forcing those who need care to pay for pay for it with their family home.

“This is the direct result of seven years of Tory economic failure. Labour completely opposes this shocking attack on a whole generation.

“We will deliver a secure and dignified retirement for the many, not just the few wealthy enough to manage under these Tory attacks.”

The Tories have also announced they will be dropping their commitment to protect pensions through the ‘Triple Lock’. The Labour Party has confirmed that they will keep the Winter Fuel Payment for every pensioner, along with protecting pensioner income with the ‘Triple Lock’ on pensions.


New Councillors!

You may have seen in the news that a record number of Councillors have been elected uncontested in this round of elections. We are very pleased to have the following Councillors elected:-


Stephen Barnes, Redruth North, Redruth Town Council (re-elected)

Trevor Dalley, Camborne Roskear, Camborne Town Council (re-elected)

Laura Eyre, Redruth North, Redruth Town Council (re-elected)

Colin Garrick, Redruth North, Redruth Town Council

Rachel Marshall, Camborne Roskear, Camborne Town Council

W. Ross Marshall, Lanner Parish Council (re-elected)

Cathy Page, Redruth South, Redruth Town Council

Will Tremayne, Redruth North, Redruth Town Council (re-elected)

David Wilkins, Camborne Treswithian, Camborne Town Council

Graham Winter, Camborne Roskear, Camborne Town Council (re-elected)

They are looking forward to representing you in the coming period and working to make a success of the devolution of services from Cornwall Council.



Shop closure

We’re very sad to announce the closure of our Camborne premises at the end of this month. We have had a happy and successful time there and we would like to thank Michael Foster for funding it over the last two years.

Don’t despair though, we are looking for new premises so that we can once again have an open door to the people of Camborne, Redruth and Hayle.

In the meantime you can contact us through our website.


Labour Shop
The Labour Shop. You can’t miss us. We’re the red one.

Four Lanes by-election

A by-election has been called in Four Lanes on 1st September as a result of the resignation of UKIP Councillor Derek Elliott.

Our candidate is Peter Williams (known to members as Pete Murgatroyd). Pete is an active campaigner on local issues; you may have seen him in the local press campaigning for our health service, including Cardrew Health Centre.



Steve Richards

We were greatly saddened to learn of the death of Steve Richards, until very recently a member of Camborne, Redruth & Hayle Labour Party.

Steve came from Wales in 1994 to take up the post of Devon and Cornwall Organiser for the Labour Party. Always full of innovative new ideas, he brought a revolution in local campaigning: voter ID, phone canvassing and by election style full on organisation.

Falmouth and Camborne was the prize for Steve and South West Labour in 1997 and he steered the local party and Candy Atherton to victory, coming from third to first against the incumbent Seb Coe and a dishonest Lib Dem campaign.
Steve Richards
Steve was proud of the Labour government and his role in it. He loved by-elections and was a favourite with other organisers, travelling around the country with a big pack of muesli and a bunch of bananas to sustain him between long days, late nights and take aways.

After taking early retirement due to his diagnosis with fronto temporal dementia at the age of 57,  Steve continued to work for Labour: canvassing until he could no longer speak and leafleting until letterboxes became too difficult because of his illness.

As well as the Labour Party, Steve was a passionate Arsenal supporter, he loved Paul Weller and Queen, and his family. He always encouraged and supported others – no one more so than his wife Jude Robinson.

He is remembered as a softly spoken and witty, a family man; someone who was brilliant at organising campaigns and resolving differences for local parties and a “grown up who really played” by the children who knew him.

His wife, Councillor Jude Robinson, has asked donations to go to the Arsenal Foundation.

Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of the Camborne, Redruth and Hayle Labour Party took place to a packed hall on Wednesday the 29th of June. Colin Garrick was unanimously elected chairman and among others Sue Winter remained as secretary, Ray Webber and Camborne Town Council’s mayor,Val Dalley were elected co-vice chairmen. Mike Smith, who has been the treasurer for many years retired and Bill Krey took his place. There was much discussion concerning the present crisis within the Labour Party and concerning the recent referendum. Strong opinions were discussed concerning the leadership on both sides of the argument but in a very orderly way and the consensus was that the Labour Party was bigger than any one person’s ambition but that the principals voiced by Jeremy Corbyn was what the country needs and the Party should rally behind any leader that emerges from the ensuing struggle for the leadership. Everyone unanimously agreed that the country was desperate for a political change and should not to go down the road of further privatisations and austerity measures.

Jo Cox

Labour in Cornwall held vigils to remember Jo Cox in locations across the county yesterday. People from across the political spectrum turned out in the rain in Bodmin, Truro and Camborne to honour the murdered MP who was so tragically killed while serving her community.

In Camborne the vigil was held in Camborne town square. It was led by vice chair Rev Ray Webber and we were very pleased to have MP George Eustice attend and say a few words. George and several others also lit a candle for Jo. Afterwards the congregation were served refreshments in our Camborne shop near the square. 

Ray Webber and MP George Eustice leading the vigil for Jo




Jeremy Corbyn becomes first Labour leader in a generation to visit Cornwall

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn became the first Labour leader in over 20 years to visit Cornwall when he journeyed to Perranporth and Newquay last week. The Labour leader, who travelled to Cornwall by train, staged a walkabout on Perranporth beach where he talked to Cornwall Councillor Cornelius Olivier about second homes and low wages in the county before heading to Newquay to speak to an audience largely consisting of Labour Party members. The visit was part of Labour’s IN for Britain campaign and Jeremy’s talk focused on why Britain, and Cornwall, should remain in the EU. Environmental issues featured heavily on his agenda, saying we must act across national boundaries to protect biodiversity and tackle climate change and that we should transform our energy industry and create high tech jobs in green energy, especially pertinent here in Cornwall with our abundant potential for wind and wave energy. He also spoke about workers’ rights – the need to protect employment rights especially for women, part time workers and the disabled.


Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Newquay
Some of the IN crowd
A young Labour supporter poses with Jeremy

After his speech, which urged Labour supporters to step up the REMAIN campaign in Cornwall, Jeremy spent an hour chatting individually to members of the audience, posing for photos with them and signing autographs.

Jeremy’s talk was preceded on the stage by 93-year-old activist Harry Leslie Smith who talked about why his lifetime’s experience, including extreme childhood poverty and a world at war have led him to believe we should remain in the EU.

The amazing Harry Leslie Smith


Battle bus brings Alan Johnson to Camborne

The Labour IN battle bus brought Alan Johnson, former Home Secretary and Chair of the Labour IN campaign, to Camborne on Thursday. Alan was greeted in the town square by an enthusiastic crowd before giving a speech about how important the EU is to Cornwall, including new information that Cornwall’s residents will each be £100 a year worse off in terms of earnings if we leave the EU. That’s aside from the £470 million or Cornwall Growth Programme funding due to Cornwall by 2020.

Despite the best attempts of the Vote Leave campaign to disrupt the event, it attracted local and national media interest and gave a huge boost to the Remain campaign in Cornwall.

The battle bus visited Camborne as part of a nationwide tour. Earlier in the day it visited Marazion and Penzance where Alan – a former postman – gave his support to the campaign to save Penzance’s post office.